That’s cool! I like it!

Wait hold on, this is automatic?! What the hell that's nuts. Thanks for using my clips. 🐰💚

Hey @athenascope thanks for making this. 👌🏻🔥

You guys are KILLIN' it already pulling better highlights than other tools I've seen, this is exciting and promising! Shout out to the team.

I really think you're on to something

First of all I would like to thank you for your tool. It is really amazing.

Nice work guys!! The highlights are shweet!

I would love to use this. This is amazing!!!

Dude that's incredible that AI are creating these... I had no idea! This is some amazing stuff you guys are working on.

Sounds awesome and I will definitely help promote you guys that highlight real you did for me was amazing.

The clips are fantastic high quality and on point

Fantastic! Thank you. Keep doing what you're doing. By far the best highlight tool I've used. You have something that Nvidia Shadowplay couldn't do.

Absolutely love it!

Thank you guys for the support. Like I said you save me a lot of time by editing my videos.

This is sooooo cool 😎

Check out this highlight made by @athenascope featuring me! Definitely recomend you check them out!

LOVE it thanks for this looking forward for more in the future