How To Get Highlights Using OBS

Getting highlights of your gameplay is easy.
Simply stream to Athenascope with OBS.
Unlike Twitch, no one will see your gameplay until Athenascope has auto-generated highlights.

Download OBS

Get OBS for PC:

OBS Settings

Go to Settings

OBS Configuration

Configure OBS to stream to Athenascope

  1. Click on “Stream”.
  2. Set Stream Type to “Custom Streaming Server”.
  3. Enter URL and Stream Key.
  1. Click Apply
Launch Game

Launch Game

  1. Launch the game you want to get highlights of.
  2. Alt+Tab back to OBS.
OBS Game Capture Source

Add a Game Capture Source

  1. Click on “+” in Sources.
  2. Select “Game Capture”.
OBS Game Capture Source

Click OK

OBS Game Capture Properties

Properties for Game Capture

  1. Select Mode “Capture any fullscreen application”.
  2. Click OK.
OBS Good Preview

Check OBS preview shows game


If you see your game, you’re ready to start streaming.


If you see an empty black box, then we need to fix that:

  1. Remove the “Game Capture” source you just created (select Game Capture, click “−” to remove, then click “yes”).
  2. Add a fresh “Game Capture” source (click on “+” to add, select “Game Capture”, then click “OK”).
  3. For “Mode”, change it to “Capture specific window”.
  4. For “Window”, select your game (NOT your game’s launcher).
  5. Does your game now fill the OBS preview? If yes, click “OK”.
  6. If your game appears but does not fill the black box, then choose Edit > Transform > Fit to screen before clicking “OK”.
Start Streaming

Start Streaming

If you’d like to monitor the status of your stream, simply login to on your smart phone.

Start Playing

Start Playing