How to Use Athenascope Stream Screens

Use OBS or Streamlabs OBS to set up a BRB (Be Right Back) or Stream Starting Soon screen, and Athenascope will automatically play your top highlights while you go on a break or are about to start a stream. For more control, you can instead set up your own playlist to play highlights of your choosing.

OBS Scene Setup

1. Add a new scene.

OBS Add New Scene

2. Add a browser source for the new scene.

OBS Add OBS Browser Source

3. Edit the scene source settings to point to your unique BRB or Starting Soon link.

Login to get your custom browser URL to use.
OBS:OBS Browser Settings
Streamlabs OBS:SLOBS Browser Settings

4. Make sure the Athenascope watermark is visible.

The watermark helps Athena avoid capturing highlights when your BRB or Starting Soon screen is playing. For best results, we recommend setting a 1920x1080 resolution.

If you shrink the screen smaller than 1920x1080, such as when using a frame or overlays, you can instead add a full size watermark anywhere of your choosing.

Athenascope Watermark
Download image

5. Select your scene to play it.

OBS Select Scene

Custom Playlist Setup

1. To use your own playlist for your BRB and Starting Soon highlights, create a new playlist from the Settings page or navigate to an existing playlist from your user dropdown menu.

Playlist Stream Screens Setup

Playlist My Playlists Menu

2. If you create a new playlist from Settings, it will be set automatically as your BRB or Starting Soon source. You can open up the settings area to further customize.

Playlist Modify My Playlist

Otherwise, on any existing playlist use “Set as BRB or Starting Soon screen” area to set a playlist as the source for either screen, and save your changes when you’re happy with the settings.

Playlist Set Stream Screen

3. Add videos to your playlist using the Add to Playlist button on any showcase or clip!

Add To Playlist