I don't have time to read your stupid FAQ: How do I get help?

DISCORD—Come chat with us on Discord!!!

What gets highlighted?

See what qualifies as a highlight on our supported games page.

We can make highlights of Apex, Fortnite, PUBG and Rocket League and we'll add more games soon.

Request games in our Discord Server.

What is this wizardry?

We welcome our new robot overlords. Forget about driving us around—we want robots to entertain us!

Athenascope uses artificial intelligence to analyze your gameplay and create videos that showcase your best moments.

How do I get highlights?
  1. PC Gamers
    • Run Athenascope.
    • Play a supported game.
    • Athenascope does the rest. We automatically detect when you launch a game and upload gameplay video to our AI for highlight creation.
    • Receive email notification that highlights are ready to share.
  2. Twitch Streamers
    • Login to the Athenascope website.
    • Choose a gameplay video to import.
    • Receive email notification when free highlights of your recent Twitch stream are ready to share.
  3. Console & Mobile Gamers
    • Option 1: Stream to Twitch (see above)
    • Option 2: Record a video of your gameplay and then use OBS to send your video to Athenascope (see below)
  4. Advanced OBS Users
    • Want to add overlays, send gameplay video recordings from your hard drive, or do other advanced things? We don’t have a full guide yet, but our clear OBS instructions will get you started.

You cannot accidentally share your desktop, web browser, or other sensitive apps with our Windows app.

Athenascope only looks for interesting gameplay when a supported game is running, and its focus is restricted to that game’s window.

How will I know the video evidence of my epicness is ready?

Get progress updates on Discord!

Email notifications are also still a thing, if that's how you like to roll.

Squad highlights — how do we get these?

Squad highlights are automatically created whenever two or more play and stream to Athenascope simultaneously.

Each player must stream separately and at least someone in your squad must do something highlight-worthy.

Who sees what?

Pin, title, or share the highlights you want the world to see. These will be showcased at the top of your public profile.

Recent game sessions are also public by default.

Can I keep the keepers?

Pin or title the highlights you want to keep. We'll pin these to the top of your public profile for safekeeping.

We'll assume the videos you didn't pin or title are not worth keeping. Boring videos will get deleted after 30 days.

I got the red box of highlight death. Is it game over?

It may take longer, but there's a good chance you'll still get highlights! Staff have been notified that an error has occurred, and they'll let you know once they've been able to fix the problem.

I got highlights, but mistakes were made?!

Please let us know in our Discord server! We'll take a look and see what we can do.

You know what would be even better?

We'd love to hear your suggestions! The #feedback channel on our Discord server is the best place to let us know.

Can I email you guys?

We prefer communication via Discord, but if you really must...