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So... What's highlighted?

Athena will clip memorable moments of your gameplay; such as goals, kills, saves, deaths, victories, and more.

She has been trained on:

  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty: MW & Warzone
  • CS:GO
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • Minecraft
  • Overwatch
  • PUBG
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Rocket League
  • Rogue Company
  • Valorant

We will add more based on user suggestions, so let us know which games to support here.

Want to see the details of what is clipped? Check out our supported games page.

What do I get?

More than just clips! Athena has a second job as a video editor and will send you an edited montage or three if your gameplay was up to par.

  • Victories earn a Top Round Montage, showcasing every play that led to the win.
  • 2-30 kills will result in an Elimination Montage, with every play stitched into some great video content.
  • If wins and kills aren't your style, you'll be the proud owner of a Round Ending Montage which highlights every time you choked under pressure.
  • If Athena gets gameplay from your whole squad, you'll receive custom edited Squad Round videos.
  • Completing the requirements on your homepage qualifies you for that week's Showcase; a music-synced montage of your top plays.
What is this sorcery??

TLDR; Similar technology used in self-driving cars, but trained to recognize squad wipes instead of stop signs.

Our neural net is named Athena. She lives in the cloud, so as long as you can get her your gameplay, she will spot and clip the best moments.

How do I send my gameplay to Athena?
  1. PC Gamers
    • Run Athenascope.
    • Play a supported game.
    • Athenascope does the rest. We automatically detect when you launch a game and upload gameplay video to our AI for highlight creation.
    • Receive email notification that highlights are ready to share.
  2. Twitch Streamers
    • Login to the Athenascope website.
    • Choose a saved gameplay video (VOD) to import.
    • Receive email notification when highlights of your recent broadcast are ready to share.
    • Turn on Auto-Import on your Settings page to automatically receive highlights after your stream.
  3. Facebook Gaming Streamers
    • Login to the Athenascope website.
    • Choose a saved gameplay video (VOD) to import.
    • Receive email notification when highlights of your recent broadcast are ready to share.
    • Turn on Auto-Import on your Settings page to automatically receive highlights after your stream.
  4. Console & Mobile Gamers
    • Option 1: Stream to Twitch or Facebook (see above)
    • Option 2: Record a video of your gameplay and then use OBS to send your video to Athenascope (see below)
  5. OBS, Streamlabs, XSplit, or Other Broadcasting Software Users
    • Want to stream directly to Athena? Our OBS instructions can get you started. Have saved gameplay from a capture card? Follow the linked instructions and select your gameplay as media source.
  6. Youtube, DLive, Trovo, or Other Platform Streamers
    • Use a stream splitter like Restream or Castr to send your broadcast to your platform of choice and Athena. Grab the stream key off your Settings page to get started.
How about privacy?

If you're using the Windows app, Athena looks for gameplay only when a supported game is running. That's it. You cannot accidentally share your desktop, web browser, or other sensitive apps with our Windows app.

If you have Mic input seleced, clips will also include your microphone audio.

Athenascope profiles are public and only display your Athenascope username and clips. No personal information is displayed. Here's mine for proof.

Okay, I sent Athena some gameplay. What's next?

You'll get an email shortly when your highlights are ready. If importing a VOD, expect it to take about the length of the VOD. Athena watches the VOD frame by frame and she has yet to figure out a way to bend space time.

Email feel a bit... old fashioned? Connect your Discord on the settings page and Athena's Discord-bot will keep you updated.

You mentioned Squad Rounds... How do I get those?

Athena will automatically make a Squad Round whenever two or more squadmates send her their gameplay. Oh, and there needs to be something highlight-worthy. The squad can be all using the Windows app, all on Twitch, or mixed; as long as Athena gets the gameplay, she will make a squad round.

Have a question about Squad Rounds? Watched yours and something seems off? DM a member of our team on our Discord server and we'll be happy to help.

What's a Showcase?

A music-synced montage edited by Athena. It shows off your best plays of the previous week.

How do I make a Showcase?

You can unlock weekly showcase montages for each supported game by completing the requirements (think Fortnite challenges). Showcases drop at a specified date/time and you'll be eligible for the drop if you complete the minimum requirements. Check your homepage to track your progress.

  • Showcase montages show off your best plays of the week.
  • Your most recent Showcase will be the centerpiece of your profile page.
  • You can create one per supported game per week.
  • Each week will have a different song and include new effects and transitions.
  • The music is royalty-free so feel free to share! Post on Twitter, share on Youtube, or show it off on your Twitch Stream—you won't get muted or takedowns.
  • Reviewing and pinning content is important to making the best video. Pinning clips gives them a higher chance to be featured, so be sure to review your recent game sessions and pin the top clips.
I need a stream break video—How do I get a custom BRB/Starting Soon?

Need to take five? Switch to your Athenascope BRB scene and your viewers will be entertained with highlights from your previous streams.

Head to your settings page to set up your BRB and Starting Soon URLs. Save these as a browser source in your broadcasting software to play your recent content whenever you switch scenes. Want to customize what clips are shown? Add content to a playlist and set it to be displayed as your BRB/Starting Soon.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to setup your BRB screen

How do I Re-Clip a video?

Click the edit pencil on the video player to open up the Edit Video page. Your clips are saved with a buffer before and after so you can adjust them to show off the best moments if Athena didn't include them. Not happy with your result? You can come back and edit it anytime. Your ReClips will not be used in Showcases since Athena needs to cut the gameplay herself to match the music.

How can I remove the watermark?

Head to your settings page and click the Watermark on Clips toggle to remove the watermark. When toggled off, the watermark will not be added to future clips displayed on the site, downloaded from the site, or content that is Re-Clipped.

You are not able to remove the watermark from:

  • Showcases
  • Squad Rounds
  • Top Rounds
  • Kill/Goal montages
  • Endings montages

If you want to change what is displayed on these content types (excluding squad rounds), you can do so in settings under “Watermark Display Name”.

So I got my highlights. Now what?

See a noteworthy clip? Pin it to your profile or add a title to make it eligible to be featured on our site! Pinned clips are given preference in Showcases, so be sure to mark your best clips for Athena for find.

Want to show off an epic goal in your Discord server? Click the share button for a link.

Click the Tweet icon to upload your clips to Twitter. Hint: Awesome content makes for a great Go Live message.

Want to save some clips or make your own montage? Go ahead and click download; the clips are yours.

When Do Highlights Expire?

Athena will keep all content you have shown interest in and delete the rest after 30 days.

How is this determined? Any action you take on-site to show that you like that piece of content guarantees it will be saved to your profile. These actions include: Pinning, Downloading, Sharing, Adding to Playlist, Titling, Re-Clipping, and Reacting. All Clips and Highlights that have one or more of these actions taken on them will be saved to your profile. Showcases are saved by default.

Are you a Twitch Partner or Affiliate?

If so, your agreement may limit what you can do with your content for a period of time after you stream. Turn this feature on and adjust the duration on your Settings page to disable actions that could be against your agreement. This will impact the visibility and shareability of your content while the embargo is active.

Twitch highlights missing?

Make sure your Twitch videos are public and available. Athena can't make highlights from Twitch videos that have been deleted, turned off, or marked as subscriber only.

I wanted highlights and all I got was a Red Box with "Unable to Process Video"

Please let us know in our Discord server! DM a member of our team with the Workflow ID and we will take a look.

How can I report a problem with my clips?

Reviewing your content and something looks off? You can escalate it directly to our team to help improve Athena. Issues like an incorrect event, an incorrect title, or a poor quality clip should be sent in using this feature. If you’re having trouble with something else, head to the #troubleshooting channel in our Discord server.

To report a problem with a video, click the Three Dot Icon on the video player to bring up the other actions menu then select Report a Problem. Select the option that best describes your issue and add some details explaining what happened. Our team will investigate the report and reach out to you on Discord if we need more info.

I don't like how you ______. This should be ______. Why do you not ______?

We'd love to hear your suggestions! The #feedback-and-suggestions channel on our Discord server is the best place to let us know.

I used the Windows app and my clips are really choppy/grainy/etc.
  • Check your upload bandwidth: Use a site like Speedtest. We recommend at least 2Mbps.
  • Check your bitrate: Our system processes the gameplay at 720p & 30fps, so we do not recommend a bitrate higher than 4000kbps.
  • Check your location: We officially only support the US for our Windows app. If you are outside of the US and experiencing issues after confirming bandwidth and bitrate, we recommend streaming to Twitch and using our import from Twitch feature.
I'd like more details about the Windows app.

The Athenascope Windows app is a modified version of OBS Studio available free to Athenascope users. It detects when a supported game is running and sends the video directly to Athena. You can download the source code here.

How do I change the resolution and frame rate of the clips?

Your snipes and saves can be clipped in crisp, clean 1080p. On Twitch? Stream in 1080p, get 1080p highlights. Pretty simple. Windows app user? Choose 1080p from the dropdown and adjust your bitrate (we recommend 6000-7000 kbps).

My mic audio isn't getting picked up by the Windows app?

Open the Windows app and select your mic from the dropdown menu. Next, fully exit out of the app (File-> Exit) then restart the app as administrator. If this doesn’t solve the problem, please ping us on Discord in #troubleshooting.

Is there a way to contact the team besides Discord or Social?