Highlights for PC Gamers

Twitch Streamers

Choose gameplay videos to import, and we'll create highlights of your recent stream.

Download Athenascope
20.38 MB - Version -

On Windows, Athenascope automatically detects when you launch a game and uploads gameplay video to our AI for highlight creation.

System Requirements

OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or higher
Bandwidth: 2Mbps upload minimum


This blue alert will appear when installing Athenascope. All new apps get this alert until thousands have installed it.
Please select "Run anyway" and help us make the blue alert go away.

Other Ways to Get Highlights

Twitch Streamers

Choose gameplay videos to import.

Console & Mobile Gamers

Option 1:
Stream to Twitch, then import from Twitch.

Option 2:
Record video, then use OBS to send.

Download OBS

Advanced OBS Users

Want to add overlays, send gameplay video recordings from your hard drive, or do other advanced things?

Our clear OBS instructions will get you started.